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Euro Kami

For some years now, thanks to our clients’ proposals, we started organizing group trips to Europe.

We accompany you to know wonderful countries mainly in Europe and the United Kingdom. Consult us for our trips!

Sightseeing in Europe is a fascinating experience where we will discover many tourist attractions, a wonderful historical and cultural legacy and a unique gastronomy.

Many of the most visited and developed countries in the world are located in Europe, grouped as the Baltic countries, Great Britain and Ireland, the Caucasus, Central Europe, France, Iberia, Italy and Scandinavia, as well as Cyprus, Greece and Turkey and Belarus, part of Russia and Ukraine.

Europe is a continent of many completely different countries. These are millenary cultures that have evolved differently. Its tourist attractions are many, each city has its history and identity, dreamy cafes, dozens of museums, theaters, cathedrals and infinite possibilities to visit.

To know Europe is to visit its museums, great avenues, enjoy its culture and its people. Travel between the canals and waterways of Amsterdam, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Colosseum in Rome, the Greek temples of Ephesus and Athens, the Buckingham Palace in London, and the Saint Paul Cathedral and the Plaza Mayor in Madrid.

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